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Lee Goldberg

Hi, My name is Lee Goldberg and I am a Realtor in the Greater Orlando and Las Vegas areas. At any point, if you have any questions, please reach out to me directly.
Use me as YOUR FREE EDUCATIONAL RESOURCE. You need to buy or sell a home? Goldberg The Realtor. Need a Pediatrician? Goldberg The Realtor. Need a Divorce Attorney? A handyman? Where is the best Italian Restaurant in town? (Answer: Orlando - Cariera’s in Winter Garden/Las Vegas- Italian American Club/Rocco’s for Pizza, Bella Vita Green Valley) GOLDBERG THE REALTOR! I have you covered for anything you need in Orlando or Las Vegas- especially if you are relocating.
If you’re a Hometown Hero- Veteran, Military, Police, Teacher, Nurse, etc.- I’m giving you a GRAND IN YOUR HAND at closing.
ALL CUSTOMERS RECEIVE: Free moving truck for the day & 6 Free months of Home Security.
GOLDBERG THE REALTOR is always available for you. Call or text any day, any time. I will answer or get right back to you. Orlando- 407-223-6965. Las Vegas- 702-902-3029.
I’ve been in this business for 10 years. It's not easy and not always fun. But it is my passion. My mission statement- I want to help you in any possible way involving your home, or home to be  My value proposition: I will do more. Period. Experience in this business matters. Period.
I would be honored to be on this journey for you.

"Lee helped us find our first home!! He was so kind and patient answering all of our questions along the way. Thank you to Lee and his amazing teams. We had no idea what we were doing and everyone made the process easy and we felt confident with our purchase and we are so happy in our first home!!"

  -Amanda Rodriguez , Client

"Lee Goldberg exceeded my expectations as realtor who sold my home in three days for full asking price. There was not even time to hold an open house! Lee obtained the best offer I could ask for and led me through the process step by step with ease. Lee knows Forest Edge Community and is able to draw on his extensive network of potential buyers to the neighborhood. I could not have had a better experience."

  -Kevin Freer, Client

"Responsible and excellent service. Knowledgeable about all aspects of real estate sales. Always returns calls and texts promptly. Could not have closed on my home without him."

  -Bruce Sanderov, Client

"Lee helped my husband and I purchase our first home. We stumbled upon him through a mortgage service, and are so thankful that we did! Lee responded quickly to every email, text, and phone call and fought for us and what we wanted with the seller/seller agent, title company, whatever the case may be. He was knowledgeable about the home and area despite not primarily working in that particular city, and it was comforting to know he did his research before meeting us. I've watched other friends purchase homes with different realtors, and their frustration was amazing to observe. Never once were we frustrated with Lee, and I'm thankful we can say that. I've heard other people say that buying a house is an awful necessity because realtors are awful, and I have not found that to be our experience. If you're looking for someone who can make the process easy, Lee is your realtor. You will not be disappointed if you choose him."

  -Rebecca Ostrom, Client

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